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3D Muziq Llc. is a company made up of top-notch talent that is focused on innovation, creativity, and interactive design for the best quality in Audio and Music Production.

Find out all the latest news with our CEO and Co-Founder David 3-D Hodges.


"This Company changed the way I look for new music. Now, instead of spending hours at my computer checking emails or sound cloud pages of different producers, all I have to do is check this site daily for new beats. I can even access the beats from my mobile phone!"

- Dwayne Thomas. Record Label A&R Exec


"The team at 3DMUZIQ definitely focuses on my needs as a independent artist. Quick access to a great catalog of original tracks is crucial for me."

- Jody Wyder. Singer

"This site is dope, a must have for anyone who's looking for beats!"

- Jim Stevens. Music Director for Jinglez Worldwide.


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